The Artist, the work and Athena Xenakis Veils of a cryptic message from the soul 2014

The Artist, the work and Athena Xenakis
Veils of a cryptic message from the soul 2014

Athena’s contemporary work can be described as a re-inscription from the subconscious.
In her quest to portray a “lesser art philosophy” by intently concealing all its complications behind the gauze.
Athena’s self-confidence, clarity and unaffected mindful choices are a predominant element within all her responsive strategies.
Inspired from the intrinsic nature of life, and the human psyche.
Athena’s fundamental yearning was to explore the metaphysical world through her own physical interpretations. This was not only a process of identifying her own elicit information, thus a visual mapping. Nonetheless an emotional and spiritual revelation for the artist, whose own desire was to share her findings with an audience.
We can strongly state that the artists sophisticated methodology to painting is her own unique Modus operandi. Defining and evolving over the past nineteen years, consequently mastering a simplistic yet complex layered technique. Whilst recording and generating a new invented style for her own abstract themed declarations.
Drawing from her Greek heritage, Athena Xenakis is inherently governed by symbolism. Unfailingly featuring semi-hidden components with a cryptic spiritual or philosophical message throughout all her applications.
To complete each work Athena then covers each depiction with the “veil”. The material used (gauze) has an integral meaning to the finished painting, for it’s there to consciously activate our response towards our own psyche. To prompt our own consciousness and compose our personal fantasised interpenetrations. Leading our minds to a quiet place and other possible dimensions, with a conclusion in serving the truth behind the layers.
According to Athena’s clarifications, of every day cognizance and common ideologies the false shadows we believe in, our own masks and the body we are given on loan, essentially are all temporary and illusory.
The Preservation we all look for in the end, towards the journey back home, the adoption of the real self, the breakaway from the veils and the masks we acquire within a life time.
Sporadically leaving a slit in the gauze a ‘glimpse’. Evoking the viewer’s own perceptions beliefs and vulnerabilities. With an assertive restraint of colour choice and an evident economy of information, the imagery is there to serve the artists sincerity to the ambiguity, of ‘The mystery driven life’.
Athena’s Spartan canvases are an interlinked reference to our own dreams and subconscious’. Conceivably a direct dialogue with the greater force of life creation.
The recurring imagery of the ‘heads’ is the symbolism of life and its intelligence With this precise abstract virtuous simplistic manner Athena Xenakis has chosen to serve her Evocative, Timeless, Non-gender characters. Attempts from the art to transcend our emotions, inviting us all to be voyagers of our own inner dimensions’, bypassing the veils and the masks.

Julie Bradley 2014

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