CaptureAthena studied visual & textile design in Athens Greece at ACTO College of Design. Later on completed a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts at the National Art School in East Sydney, with a major in Sculpture.

With numerous exhibitions under her belt Athena has also pursued her natural development and interest in interiors, combining her inherent talent of art and her love for design.

With qualifications in art, interior decorating and styling, Athena has worked on numerous residential and hospitality projects.

Specializing in multi-layering styling, mixing low-end antique finds with statement pieces and drawing from her knowledge of the arts, Athena always puts a creative twist in her placement of furniture. Harmonising scale and proportions, along with her strong knowledge of colour and ability to forecast trends, Athena knows how to edit a room.

Drawing inspiration from her Greek heritage, Athena often also introduces sculptures into her interiors.Athena is truly creative and passionate about whatever project she takes on. Athena doesn’t follow trends – she makes her own! She steers away from the obvious and prefers to create something different and unique for every client.

Some clients call it ‘Being Athenarizeid’!

One thought on “About

  1. Greetings Athena X

    I have watched RHOS episodes and wish to share these words.

    You know your value and honour your worth.
    Tranform all shadowed thought forms into coal that fuel the fire of your awakening.
    Bright Blessings
    Andromada Winifred

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