The Process of mastering the self ,the journey of the artist

A philosopher once said “learning consists of remembering previous acquired knowledge”.

Our subconscious mind has a perfect memory and is the storehouse of all our thoughts

experiences and accumulated knowledge.

Everything ive experienced and become aware of in this lifetime  has been recorded in my mind and subconscious.

Remembering my past life was a natural process that involved three qualities;My desire to know.

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My expectation that i was ready,willing and able to remember my past life through, meditation and decoding my dreams.

Every lifetime is a journey, where we pick up from,where we have left it.

I ‘finally understood life was the curriculum and i was here to take the lessons…through the art i would expand ,for this is what my soul was trying desperately  express .

Through my  search what i have discovered is that Past life memories,Karma

Reincarnation,are interlinked with the universes intelligence to guide us in expanding and reaching our  true self our soul. However  as complicated as all this may sound ,one thing i know for  sure, is that i love coming back as an Artist.

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