Athena Xenakis

“Art is a collaboration between God and the artist and the less the artist does the better.” 

‘Athena Xenakis ‘ Αθήνα Ξενάκη ….

Every time I am in the studio working on the next piece there is an instant disconnect from the outside world. All  communications evolve around the eternal and spiritual connection, I have with my essence and the dimensions of something so abstract only art could possibly record the vibrations and signals from a higher consciousness known to most of us as God. The Art is there to serve God and what he needs to communicate to the rest of us. Identifying one’s self through the art can open the doorway to a visual exploration, not only on this plain but in other dimensions that have not yet been explored or scientifically proven, therefore art conversations can start intermediately between the known and the unknown. The obligation every artist carries when communicating these messages is clear to be truthful to the practice of allowing the work to be as raw as the message filters through.  The work has no purpose other than the purging of the soul and the communication between spiritual world and superficial life. 

-Athena Xenakis


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