Welcome to my website, If you are wondering who I am, I have been here for a long time Destiny has brought me to this beautiful place of sharing my Art with the world.

I am unconventional, innovative, imaginative, expressive. I AM ATHENAX.

PAINTING has been my lifes Passion, in-between raising a young family and designing jewellery for LEVENDI  JEWELLERS, whom I am married to one of the owners.

Whilst maintaining my art career, I have also involved myself in styling and decorating numerous private homes and also just recently Revamped and decorated the New boutique for LEVENDI Jewellers. I am a creative woman whom loves beauty and style and I have this immense need to share it with the world. Life is truly fulfilling when we follow our true self and passions as we then become alined with our true purpose and live a meaningful life.

By inspiring others around us and making everything just that little bit more winsome.

I’ve always dreamt of Athenarizing the world!

Now that I will be a cast member of the Real HouseWives Of Sydney, I look forward in sharing an insight into my creative world.